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Sheik of the Artists: Khalifa Qattan and Circulism is a short documentary film produced by Muayad Hussian (aka Moayad Hassan) in 2010 under the umbrella of the Graduate School in the University of Birmingham. Muayad Hussain at the time was a PhD candidate in the department of History of Art, and a visual communicator working in the field of culture, photography, videography and design.

The producer of the film would like to thank the following for their participation in the film:

Athoob Abdullah (assistant producer)
Tareq Alobaid (photographer)
Khalid Al Haqqan (photographer)
Ton Haring (artist)
Eddie Mize (artist)
Emily Rozier and Nerina Villa (course staff)
Andrew Davies (The Barber Institute)
Verity Cridland (daughter of the photographer Veronica Holder)
David C. Foster (for the work of the photographer A.H. Andrus)
Lidia Qattan (artist/writer)
Jutta Vinzent (thesis supervisor)
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