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The subject of this documentary is the Kuwaiti artist Khalifa Qattan (1934-2003) and Circulism, the art theory he invented. Although Khalifa Qattan is a well know back in his own country, little is know about him in the 'Western' world. One of the probable reasons for that is the fact that most people do no expect ‘modern’ art to come from that area at that time (the mid-twentieth century).

In this documentary we will start by researching the public reception of Qattan, Circulism and 1950-60s Kuwait. Then we move to Qattan’s biography and the development of his art which led to Circulism. Then we explain what Circulism is and what sets it part from other known art movements like Cubism and Abstract Art in an attempt to answer the question about Circulism's place among the art movements of the twentieth century.
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